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Stop aging with the help of this information.How To Stop Aging

To stop aging and even reverse aging is possible to a point.  A little bit of medical science and research and a lot of common sense and we can understand the aging process and how to halt it or at least slow it down.  We are mortals and cannot live forever in these physical bodies, but we can extend our lifetimes not in just years, but healthy years.  What good is a long life if your latter years are in pain, misery and disease?  The goal here is to have abundant health, energy, mental capacity and a zest for living to accomplish a happy and successful life.  One can make a bigger impact on the world and to ones we love if we are operating at peak efficiency, disease and pain free.

Theory of Aging and the Aging Process

Currently science believes the ultimate lifespan of an individual is controlled by the number of telomeres contained at the ends of their DNA strands within our cells.  Every time a cell divides to grow, repair or replace a cell, it loses one or more telomeres.  Once the telomeres are low, the cells are doomed and cannot replace themselves with a healthy cell.  There are many substances that can accelerate aging and others that can slow aging.  Some substances can actually reverse aging and provide additional, healthy years to your life!

Age Accelerators

Cell and DNA damage is caused by many factors, the most significant are listed below:

  • Free radicals – oxidative stress
  • AGEs – Advanced Glycation Endproducts – result of sugars
  • Chronic inflammation – immune system fighting your own cells
  • Poor nutrition
  • Methylation
  • Radiation
  • Pollution
  • Acidic body pH
  • Poor immune function
  • and more

Free Radicals – Oxidative Stress

The above aging accelerators damage our body’s cells on a constant assault.  The trick is to stop adding to or feeding the bad ingredients and processes and counterstrike with beneficial ingredients and healing processes.  Free radicals cause an oxidative assault our cells on the order of 10,000 times a day (each and every cell)!  When the cells DNA is sufficiently damaged, it cannot replicate a healthy cell.  This becomes progressively worse as the assault continues.

Poor Nutrition

Our body’s require a certain amount of many different nutrients every day.  Beginning with macronutrients – calories from proteins, carbohydrates and oils/fats.  Meat, fish, seafood, grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, nuts and dairy are the main food groupings.   The medical and science community cannot even agree on the correct proportions of these basic food groups as they constantly are changing the “food pyramid” or pie or whatever concept they attempt to convey as “correct proportions”.  Today’s processed foods(comes in a bag, box or can) have stripped out what little nutrition there is left in our Mega-farmed foods.  “Modern farming” has depleted the soils of necessary minerals.  If necessary minerals are not in the soil, it will not be in our foods.

Cooking foods destroys the enzymes, certain vitamins and the body must work harder to digest the cooked food without these enzymes.  Chlorinated and fluoridated water is poisonous and slowly killing our cells and friendly bacteria that is required in our gut that also aid digestion and an important part of our immune system.   Animals we eat are raised using antibiotics, growth hormones, fed grains instead of their natural food sources also alters the nutritional value.  Junk foods, sodas, energy drinks  are throwing off our metabolisms and significantly adding to glycation, the obesity and diabetes epidemics.  All these factors accelerate aging – it’s a wonder we survive as long as we do.

It seems overwhelming but all these factors can be addressed and aid your body to heal and function optimally to stop aging.  The simple answer is avoid the bad things and incorporate the good. Anything  you do on those 2 fronts will help to add healthy years to your life and if sufficiently done, even reverse the signs of aging.  Beauty and youthful looks are a side benefit of this healthy approach to age well.  Wrinkle creams, face creams may or may not actually make your skin healthier or more youthful looking – they have their place.  To stop the ageing process of the skin takes more than a face cream, it takes nutrition.

It is impossible to avoid all bad things – pollution, radiation but you can minimize your exposure.  Filter your drinking and shower to remove chlorine, fluoride and other contaminants.  Avoid sodas, junk foods, anything with HFCS – High Fructose Corn Syrup, artificial sweeteners…  Avoid over the counter and most pharmaceuticals – most are not necessary.  Of course check with your doctor on any meds you may have been prescribed – most are unnecessary but there are a few that are life saving.


A high potency food based vitamin and mineral supplement – not a chemical based vitamin supplement.  Your body needs nutrients as close to nature and food based vitamins fit the bill.  Enzymes from raw foods and/or supplements are essential to vibrant health.  Omega 3 fatty acids containing both DHA and EPA.  Minimum 5000 to 10,000 IU of vitamin D3.  Green foods supplement containing various grasses, chlorella, spirulina, blue green algae… – alkalizing and extremely healthy, aids in detoxing…

Anti Aging Supplements

Following are supplements scientifically proven to fight aging.  By protecting and even adding to telomere length on your cell’s DNA (cellular life extension) you will live longer and healthier.

  • TA-65
  • Resveratrol
  • CoQ10 / Ubiquinol
  • Carnosine
  • Chalice – a formula of the 17 most powerful antiaging compounds
  • Antioxidants – SOD, EGCG, Curcumin, Catalase, Astaxanthin, Glutathione and many vitamins(C, E, D…)

Here is a ton of information you can use to stop the aging process, how to look younger and be healthier to add to the quality of your life.  These are some of the major points and supplements that will help you get there.  There is volumes of anti aging information out there.  I have condensed this into the most important factors and stripped most of the medical and scientific jargon.  I am not a medical doctor, but I have paid subscriptions to many medical, natural health and scientific journals and newsletters –  this is where I get a great deal of my information from.  I hope you enjoyed this and will put this information to use.  Go ahead and do your own research and double check everything – I do.  Add quality and vibrantly healthy years to your life and do what you can to stop aging.






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