Stem Cell Therapy Face Cream

Stem Cell Therapy wrinkle cream

Stem Cell Therapy Face Cream

As our body’s age, they produce fewer stem cells – the cells that replace older, damaged and dying cells. Telomeres exist within the chromosomes of cells and determine the number of times a cell may divide and replace itself. Once the predetermined number of cell divisions, the cell can no longer replace itself and dies. Stem cells replace these older cells and start the cycle all over. As the release of stem cells slow down, aging accelerates.

An alternative to Stem Cell Face Cream – In order to look younger, you must have abundant skin stem cells to slow down the signs of aging. The skin’s ability to maintain moisture, firmness and a healthy glow depends upon new skin cells. Without new cells, wrinkles, sagging skin, and age spots and other damage occurs. Moisturizers produce some benefit for younger looking skin, but the benefits disappear as soon as you stop using them. One of the best defenses against the signs of aging is using a stem cell face cream, the results are more prominent and last much longer.

How Stem Cell Therapy Anti Wrinkle Cream Works:

  • Increase production of new skin cells by 57%
  • Re-activate stem cells to stimulate fresh, new skin cell production
  • Increase natural collagen production by 80%
  • Decrease wrinkle appearance 56% in 30 days
  • Increase elastin synthesis by 61%

Use today’s – As Seen On TV – Stem Cell Skin Care Therapy to treat your aging skin and become younger looking with smoother, wrinkle free skin.  This is the same Stem Cell Face Cream As Seen On TV. This a bargain that won’t last long at this price – anti aging skin care that makes you look young.

So if you have sun damaged skin or skin damage from the elements, smoking, stress, bad nutrition, pollution and free radical damage, or age, give your skin a helping hand. Replace your aging and damaged skin with new skin cells and look years younger.  Whether you have an upcoming wedding, reunion, are dating or just want to look your best, this is how to look younger. Older women looking for younger men depend upon anti aging skin care products. With a risk free 30 day money back guarantee and a buy one, get one free offer, you would be crazy to pass this up. Try Stem Cell Therapy face cream for 30 days and turn back the clock 15 years.

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  1. Gisi says:

    how and where can I purchase this cream?????

  2. Diet Tips says:

    Did you follow directions?
    1. Give them 72 hours before asking about orders, give them time to process the order.
    2. Option 3 – Biologic Solutions say to email customerservice@biologicsolutions.com
    Full name
    phone# with area code
    Order number or customer id if you have it available
    Description of the issue

    They also have an option to leave a voicemail message that they will get back to you.

    It appears to be a callback support system (common).

  3. Labra80 says:

    They are backordered and I had to cancel my order. They didnt know when it would be availiable to ship. Wasnt worth waiting for i will try something else. If you cant get customer service then send them an email. Thats what I did.

    • Diet Tips says:

      I am not surprised, I believe they under-priced their product and didn’t need to do the buy one get one promo. That is probably why I am on my third network to carry this.

      Here is a superior anti aging face cream product. You will pay more, but it is in stock and a better product (Nobel Prize winning technology).

  4. Jannettejeffreys2010 says:

    It is nice to know that they are a lot of anti

    aging products that help us fight or reverse

    the signs of aging. However, some may not work

    and some may be effective. I like the

    information you presented in this article

    because it gave us valuable ideas on how we

    could properly take good care of our skin and

    stay young and beautiful. I hope that we will

    maintain the beauty within us with good and

    effective products. Keep posting more valuable


  5. This is good because it is only cream that you put for anti aging. Usually it takes how many weeks that we can see major effects?

  6. earthie says:

    Where do you get these stem cells?  Don’t we have more important uses than keeping skin looking young?

  7. ahmed says:

    Hi m ajordanian but working in saudi , could you tell me please if i can get achance to be autherized exclusive dealer in saudi for your product , and what are your conditions to get it
    and as you know saudi market is ahuge market
    and m waiting your reply

    • Anti Age says:

      I am an independent affiliate for this product. I have no ties to the parent company other than as an affiliate. You would need to contact Biologic Solutions, Inc to work out such an agreement. I hope this helps.

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