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Anti Aging Products Retain Youth

To understand how anti aging products halt and even reverse aging, we must understand the aging theories they address.  There has been more aging knowledge uncovered in the last 20 years than all of the previous knowledge combined.  The fact there are many theories does not mean that some are not valid.  In fact, many of the theories are interrelated as is the human body and it’s many systems.  Our bodies work like a symphony, when every musician is in tone, pitch, perfect timing, the right volume and in sync with the conductor, it is perfection.  Any one musician, the conductor or distraction can ruin the entire production – just like bodily systems can.

The quest for retaining or restoring our youth is not purely to look younger.  By setting back the clock, we can enjoy the energy, physical performance and recovery, health, and brain power of our younger days.  Better circulation, eyesight, fewer aches and pains and the ability to keep up with your children, grandchildren or great grandchildren are all worthy goals the can be aided by anti aging products.

Aging Theories

  • Genetically programmed DNA that are “coded” for a specific time frame (number of cell divisions).  With this hypothesis, you have a maximum lifespan encoded in your DNA, yet this can be shortened by an assault of the DNA by exposure to chemicals, radiation, pollution, stress, bad habits like smoking…  In 2009 the Nobel prize was awarded for the discovery of telomeres and the action of the telomerase enzyme upon telomeres.  The effect of telomeres at the end of chromosome strands shortening upon every cell division was the fixed cell lifespan factor.  When you run short of telomeres, the cell can no longer replace itself.  The enzyme telomerase can add to the telomeres resulting in more cell divisions – life extension!  This proved and at the same time disproved the genetic set lifespan.
  • Endocrine/neuroendocrine  theory – as we age, there are changes – mostly reductions in hormone levels mostly controlled by the hypothalamus in the brain.  The hypothalamus is the conductor or hormones in the analogy above.  The hormones control bodily processes and organ function, if they are less than optimal, so are the processes and organ function.  This leads to a deteriorating body and health.
  • Mitochondrial Decline theory – every cell has an engine of sorts that produces the energy – ATP / Adenosine Triphosphate for that cell to function.  The mitochondria become less efficient as we age and the cells function at a lesser rate.  The theories as to why the mitochondria function at a lesser level crosses into other hypothesis of aging.
  • Error theory – accumulated environmental damage to the cells from pollution, chemicals, radiation, stress, free radicals, glycosylation / protein cross linking , genetic mutation – overall wear and tear.
  •  Membrane theory – the cell walls become plugged by accumulated toxins (lipofuscin) and less efficient transfer of fluids in and out of the cells.
  • Hayflick Limit Theory – similar to Genetic Programmed theory.  A limited number of cell divisions per cell.  His theory is if we slow down the rate of cell division, we extend the overall lifespan.
  • Immune System decline – due to any or all of the above factors, the immune system declines and the body cannot repair itself or fight off invaders like it could when it was younger.

As you can see, many of these theories cross into each other.  Essentially the cells become damaged and/or cease to exist after their telomeres run out, run out of energy, lose the ability to repair themselves…  Fortunately we have learned that we can help the body fight the environmental assault, assist hormone levels and repair the cells through various supplements.

Anti Aging Supplements

Antioxidants (which include some vitamins, EFAs, CoQ10, resveratrol…)
Omega3 Fatty Acids (fish oil, Krill oil, Calamari oil…)
CoQ10 – coenzyme Q10
essentially all the building blocks of health

Resveratrol – antioxidant and activator of Surtuin 1 or SIRT1 – longevity gene enabler.  Shown to aid in the release of telomerase and mimics the effect of a reduced calorie life extension effect.  Programmed Genetic and Error theory approach.

Human Growth Hormone or HGH – replenishes growth hormone levels of youth to restore energy, growth and tissue repair – hormonal approach.

TA-65 – a very expensive supplement that increases telomere length by activating the telomerase enzyme from a highly concentrated component of Astragalus plant.  You cannot take enough astragalus to achieve this effect.  The cost of TA-65 is $8,000 to $20,000 per year and must be obtained by a licensed doctor.

Anti Wrinkle Cream – reduces or eliminates wrinkles so you look younger.