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Picture of Telomeres on a Chromosome

Telomeres Extend Cell Life

It was merely a matter of time before the science of anti aging had a program in anti aging, let alone a masters degree in Anti Aging Medicine.  The market has always been there.  Finally real science and studies have proved it is possible to extend life and more importantly, raise the quality of life.  Probably the biggest boost to the anti age science was the 2009 Nobel prize for medicine or physiology in the discovery of the telomerase action upon telomeres – lengthening cell life.

By preserving and even extending telomere length, Chromosomes (DNA), allows the number of times a cell can divide to increase.  Previously, this was a fixed number assuming the best of conditions (living a perfectly healthy life without bad habits).  Along with the extended cellular divisions, also comes youthful energy, strong immune system,  fast growth, recovery and repair (as in youth).

Read the press release here:

This is great news and fantastic validation of anti aging  science in it’s infancy.  I encourage you to read up on this breakthrough technology and improve your health and quality of life.

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